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Munafa ebook

Munafa ebook

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Words: 55326 in 35 pages

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10% popularity

I Poppy's Pickle Parlor 1

II Our "Silent" Partner 16

V Butch McGinty 46

VI Poppy's "Aunt Jemima" Scheme 57

X The Gold Cucumber 96

XX Poppy Springs a Surprise 214



When Poppy Ott jumps into a thing he usually knows where he's going to land. For he's a pretty smart boy for his age, as you probably will agree with me if you have read the earlier books that I have written about him. But, bu-lieve me, his wits sure were tangled up the day he got that "Pickle Parlor" idea! Or, at least, that is what I told him when he first sprung his brilliant little scheme on me.

In arguing with him, to bring him down to earth as it were, I tried to convince him that a Pickle Parlor was about as sensible as a barber shop for hairless poodles. No one, I said, referring to the people who bought groceries, would buy their sugar and other truck in one store and then walk a block to buy their pickles in a pickle store. That would be just extra work for them.

"They will," says he, sticking to his scheme, "if we have better pickles to sell them than they can buy in the average grocery store."

"Like almost everything else," says he, as solemn and wise as an old owl, "there's a big difference in pickles."

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