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Munafa ebook

Munafa ebook

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PAGE Extract from "Bombay Courier," 1802 185

Consul Briggs to the Right Hon. Sir Benjamin Blomfield, 1820; presentation of the Obelisk to George the Fourth, by Mehemet Ali 186

General Sir James Alexander; Paper read at the Royal Society of Edinburgh, 1868 190

Plan of Transport of the Obelisk, by Captain Boswell, R.N. 193

Report by Mr. Arthur Arnold, to Lord Henry Lennox, respecting state of Obelisk and Plans of Transport, 1876 195

Captain Methven's Plan of Transport, and Estimate 197

Admiral Smyth's Plans of Transport 199

Transport of the Luxor Obelisk to Paris, 1831-36 200

Carrick-a-Daggon Monument, in memory of General Browne Clayton, one of the Heroes of Alexandria 205

The British Ensign; half-mast, March 28th, in memory of our gallant and victorious Abercromby 207

Translation of the Legend of the British Obelisk, by Demetrius Mosconas 207

M. Mosconas' recent Work 213

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