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Munafa ebook

Munafa ebook

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Words: 5454 in 2 pages

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Bob's father was dead. He died when Bob was so young that the child did not know as he had ever seen him. Don't you pity little Bob? Would not you feel very sorry if your father should be taken away and you never see him again?

But Bob had a mother. Yes, that was she on her last sick bed; all the long years since his father had died she had worked hard to get enough to live on with her little boy through heat and cold, and wet and dry, till at last she was worked out, and she lay down to die.

She had been a good mother to Bob; she had read the Bible to him, and told him all about God, and the good place up in the skies where his papa had gone, and where she was going, and where he too would go if he were good. And Bob loved his mother very dearly, and he loved the Bible and he loved God. A very good boy was little Bob; but O it was a sad, sad day to him when his mother died.

He sat by her side all the time she was sick, and read to her from the Bible, and talked with her till he felt as if his little heart was ready to break. "Mother, O mother, take me with you, will you not? What will become of your little Bob when you are gone? I shall have no place to live in. I would so much rather die and go to the good place with you."

"Yes, my child," the mother would say, "it grieves me to the heart to leave you here, and I cannot tell where you will go; but the good Lord will take care of you, and it will not be long ere you will come to be with me. Be a very good boy. Always be ready to do a kind act to all that come in your way, and you will find friends. Come and kiss me, my boy;" and then the poor child would lay his head on the bedside and sob himself to sleep.

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