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Munafa ebook

Munafa ebook

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Words: 17599 in 46 pages

This is an ebook sharing website. You can read the uploaded ebooks for free here. No credit cards needed, nothing to pay. If you want to own a digital copy of the ebook, or want to read offline with your favorite ebook-reader, then you can choose to buy and download the ebook.

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, Prologus, praefatio, exordium.

PROLONGER, Profero, produco, prorogo, differo, protraho.

PROMENADE, Ambulatio, deambulatio, spatium.

PROMESSE, Stipulatio, promissio, votum, sponsio, pollicitatio, fides.

-- , Voveo; vota facio, nuncupo.

PROMONTOIRE, Promontorium.

PROMPT, Celer, velox, volucer, incitatus, citus.

PROMULGATION, Promulgatio.

PR?NEUR, Laudator, praeco, buccinator.

PRONOSTIC, Prognosticon.

PROPAGATION, Propagatio, procreatio, amplificatio.

PROPENSION, Propensio, inclinatio, conatus.

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