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Munafa ebook

Munafa ebook

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Words: 47796 in 16 pages

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Philadelphia: KEY & BIDDLE, 23 MINOR STREET. 1835.

Entered according to the act of congress, in the year 1835, by KEY & BIDDLE, in the clerk's office of the district court of the eastern district of Pennsylvania.

Philadelphia: T. K. & P. G. Collins, Printers, No. 6 George Street.


Many of the following poems have appeared, within the last two years, in different periodical publications, and are now, by permission, inserted in this collection.

The tragedy at the end of the volume, is founded upon an incident well known in the history of Venice, which has formed the material for various works of fiction. Niccolini has written a classic play upon the subject, of which the author of this piece has availed herself in part of the first scene of the first act, and in a few occasional passages of scene first of the fifth act. The conduct of the plot, and the leading incidents, differ materially from those of Niccolini.

The author takes this opportunity to render her grateful acknowledgments to the distinguished lady, Miss Phillips, who sustained the part of the heroine; and to whose talents and exertions the play was indebted for its success in representation.

The Sepulchres, PAGE 13

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