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Munafa ebook

Munafa ebook

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PAGE Name of Scotia, or Scotland 1 Ancient extent of the kingdom 2 Physical features of the country 7 Mountain chains 9 The Cheviots 9 The Mounth 10 Drumalban 10 The Grampians 11 The Debateable lands 14 Periods of its history 16 Celtic Scotland 17 Critical examination of authorities necessary 17 Spurious authorities 21 Plan of the work 26


Early notices of the British Isles 29 B.C. 55. Invasion of Julius Caesar 31 A.D. 43. Formation of province in reign of Claudius 33 A.D. 50. War with the Brigantes 36 A.D. 69. War with the Brigantes renewed 39 A.D. 78. Arrival of Julius Agricola as governor 41 A.D. 79. Second Campaign of Agricola; overruns districts on 43 the Solway A.D. 80. Third summer; ravages to the Tay 45 A.D. 81. Fourth summer; fortifies the isthmus between Forth 46 and Clyde A.D. 82. Fifth summer; visits Argyll and Kintyre 47 A.D. 83-86. Three years' war north of the Forth 48 A.D. 86. Battle of 'Mons Granpius' 52 A.D. 120. Arrival of the Emperor Hadrian, and first Roman 60 wall between the Tyne and the Solway


Ptolemy's description of North Britain 62 The coast 65 The Ebudae 68 The tribes and their towns 70 A.D. 139. First Roman wall between the Forth and Clyde. 76 Establishment of the Roman province in Scotland A.D. 162. Attempt on the province by the natives 79 A.D. 182. Formidable irruption of tribes north of wall 79 repelled by Marcellus Ulpius A.D. 201. Revolt of Caledonii and Maeatae 80 A.D. 204. Division of Roman Britain into two Provinces 81 A.D. 208. Campaign of the Emperor Severus in Britain. 82 Situation of the hostile tribes Roman roads in Scotland 86 Severus's wall 89 A.D. 287. Revolt of Carausius; Britain for ten years 91 independent A.D. 289. Carausius admitted Emperor 92 A.D. 294. Carausius slain by Allectus 93 A.D. 296. Constantius Chlorus recovers Britain 93 A.D. 306. War of Constantius Chlorus against Caledonians and 94 other Picts Division of Roman Britain into four provinces 96 A.D. 360. Province invaded by Picts and Scots 97 A.D. 364. Ravaged by Picts, Scots, Saxons, and Attacotts 98 A.D. 369. Province restored by Theodosius 100 A.D. 383. Revolt by Maximus 104 A.D. 387. Withdrawal of Roman troops from Britain; first 105 devastation of province by Picts and Scots A.D. 396. Repelled by Stilicho, who sends a legion to guard 105 the northern wall A.D. 402. Roman legion withdrawn; second devastation of 106 province A.D. 406. Again repelled by Stilicho, and army restored 107 A.D. 407. Constantine proclaimed Emperor. Withdraws the army 108 from Britain; third devastation by Picts and Scots A.D. 409. Gerontius invites Barbarians to invade empire. 111 Termination of Roman Empire in Britain


Obscurity of history of Britain after the departure of the 114 Romans Settlement of barbaric tribes in Britain 114 Ignorance of Britain by writers of the sixth century 115 Position of Britain at this time as viewed from Rome 117 The four races in Britain 119 The Britons 120 The Picts 123 The Scots 137 The Saxons 144 War with Octa and Ebissa's colony 152 Kingdom of Bernicia 155 A.D. 573. Battle of Ardderyd 157 A.D. 603. Battle of Degsastane or Dawstane 162


Inquiry into Ethnology of Britain proper at this stage 164 An Iberian or Basque people preceded the Celtic race in 164 Britain and Ireland Ethnologic traditions 170 British traditions 171 Irish traditions 172 Dalriadic legend 184 Pictish legends 185 Saxon legends 189 Languages of Britain 192 Anglic language 193 British language 193 Language of the Scots 193 The Pictish language 194 Evidence derived from topography 212


Result of ethnological inquiry 226 The four kingdoms 227 Scottish kingdom of Dalriada 229 Kingdom of the Picts 230 Kingdom of the Britons of Alclyde 235 Kingdom of Bernicia 236 The Debateable lands 237 Galloway 238 A.D. 606. Death of Aidan, king of Dalriada; Aedilfrid 239 conquers Deira, and expels Aeduin A.D. 617. Battle between Aeduin and Aedilfrid 239 A.D. 627. Battle of Ardcorann between Dalriads and Cruithnigh 241 A.D. 629. Domnall Breac becomes king of Dalriada 242 A.D. 631. Garnaid, son of Wid, succeeds Cinaeth mac Luchtren 242 as king of the Picts A.D. 633. Battle of Haethfeld. Aeduin slain by Caedwalla and 243 Penda A.D. 634. Battle of Hefenfeld. Osuald becomes king of 244 Northumbria A.D. 635. Battle of Seguise, between Garnait, son of Foith, 246 and the family of Nectan A.D. 634. Battle of Calathros, in which Domnall Breac was 247 defeated A.D. 638. Battle of Glenmairison, and siege of Edinburgh 249 A.D. 642. Domnall Breac slain in Strathcarron 250 A.D. 642. Osuald slain in battle by Penda 252 A.D. 642-670. Osuiu, his brother, reigns twenty-eight years 253 Dominion of Angles over Britons, Scots, and Picts 256 A.D. 670. Death of Osuiu, and accession of Ecgfrid his son 260 A.D. 672. Revolt of the Picts 260 A.D. 678. Wilfrid expelled from his diocese 262 Expulsion of Drost, king of the Picts, and accession of 262 Brude, son of Bile A.D. 684. Ireland ravaged by Ecgfrid 264 A.D. 685. Invasion of kingdom of Picts by Ecgfrid; defeat and 265 death at Dunnichen Effect of defeat and death of Ecgfrid 267 Position of Angles and Picts 267 Position of Scots and Britons 271 Contest between Cinel Loarn and Cinel Gabhran 271 Conflict between Dalriads and Britons 273

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